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  • Office Residential & Hotel
  • ● business office (offices, buildings, squares)
    ● high-end residential (high-rise homes, apartments, villas)
    ● high-rise building luxury hotels around the world boom in the ascendant, with more to build the higher floors, high-rise building fire hazard also become increasingly prominent, high-rise building fire, smoke control, fire resistance for improving the capacity building and support personnel Security is extremely important.

    Schematic office residential hotel with doors and windows
    The use of products
    1, steel fire door steel door steel swing gate steel airtight steel doors steel glass doors steel folding steel shutters steel fire door sound insulation steel fire escape doors glass doors steel fire door is always open type steel fire door security door steel security door fire doors fire alarm picture-steel security door folding wood doors heavy household stainless steel fire door fire door door marble tube-wells glass door stainless steel door stainless steel fire doors automatically return fire 2 vertical shutter ordinary steel fire shutter shutter supine lateral steel fire shutter doors steel fire shutter escape double-track steel fire shutter fire shutter curtain spray inorganic super-type steel fire Transparent anti-theft security shutter curtain shutter of stainless steel fire shutter aluminum shutter 3, other wood door wood wood fire doors security door security door fire wood window blinds fire side of glass partition fire cut off the roof smoke window exhaust smoke screen window Chuilian steel structure fire retardant package of organic fire blocking materials fire-resistant glass