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    First, the service support:
    sales service and customer service is most concerned about the issue, but also suppliers and contractors embodiment of strength.
    The company is building door production, sales, installation in one of the joint venture, to provide timely, professional and attentive service is our aim. Therefore, we established a set of strict, including user files, including project management system for each project and regular maintenance of the technical track, and designate a person responsible for implementation.

    Sales service:
    Department for the company to sales management information entry points, will come from the customer information collection, classification, analysis and timely delivery to the relevant departments, customers and potential customers with consulting, design, research, service, and to develop the whole tracking program.

    Sale of services:
    Products from the production sector of product orders on time by Party A to complete production, testing, inspection and packaging factory, the installation service installed by the company responsible for the installation and commissioning departments.

    Company set up a dedicated service department, responsible for the daily maintenance of manufactured products, and its staff are senior technical personnel and skilled workers in this industry more than 3 years of professional experience and are equipped with special equipment and services in response to user when requirements.

    Value-added services:
    To make services more closely aligned with client needs, enhance value-added services, the company will launch a special series of value-added services.

    1. Customer profiles we create a complete customer profiles and project information, customer comments and feedback and the use of any process of any quality problems are documented.

    2. We are responsible for regular inspection of equipment installation, site every 6 months for free repair.

    3. Our free advice service customer service phone :800 -620-0630 at any time to use the product to answer any questions. For special problems, our engineers door within 24 hours make a written or telephone reply, if necessary, sent to the on-site service.

    4. Warranty repair service
    1) All our products are sold in the whole year free warranty.

    2) fault repair time, by phone or in writing to contact the Client informed me that the company, after-sales service Tel :400 -820-0838.

    3) Client received a warranty notice, after-sales departments arrange timely response to the first site service and technical personnel, such as special cases failed to reach the customers should be made in advance of customer understanding. (Warranty is limited to sales and installation of the product)

    4) The free maintenance period due to natural factors and human failure or damage, only charge the cost of maintenance fees.

    5) The period of free maintenance service other than the maintenance cost is only charged fees.

    6) The following is not a warranty:

    a. due to improper operation and man-made or natural disasters caused damage.

    b. disassemble, change any part of the machine (such as: lines, spare parts), do not use original parts and accessories (such as electronic control panel, remote control devices, security devices, etc.) damage.

    c. Non-our professional and technical personnel designated to guide the installation caused the failure.

    5. System upgrade services:
    This product is designed to improve or update the software version upgrade, new software provided free of charge for the side, so that the user's system is always in the most advanced level and the most perfect state.

    6. Training Services:
    Training for users free of charge for use and maintenance personnel, and provide a full set of technical information and manuals.

    Second, the project implementation flow chart

    Third, the construction staff