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  • Advantage
  • 1. Manufacturing enterprise -
    sales and installation service
    architectural door industry leading technology brands - Jdoor smart technology joint venture Yang Jie, the door to the global construction industry in the field, specialized in manufacturing electric roller shutters, metal rolling doors, industrial sliding doors, industrial doors quickly , sliding door, logistics and handling equipment, windows and doors intelligent control system. Companies in China has now become a set of professional development, production, sales, installation services in one of the most important industrial base of smart windows and doors.
    2. Improve the management system -
    Ensure that products in the industry of high cost
    raw materials → selection → product innovation → German automatic equipment sales and installation services, the entire process every step are strict implementation of quality management system, effective control and reduce costs and ensure that products in the industry the high cost, providing customers with excellent quality, high performance cost-effective products.
    3. Direct sales model -
    Improved customer satisfaction
    customer directly available technology, service and sales support, customers can quickly go to reflect the corporate headquarters, distribution agents to reduce intermediate links, and lower sales costs, the company and the market to maintain distance, ensure that the sale services, installation services, service fully in place, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.
    4. Unified brand strategy -
    Better service to our customers
    We always carry out a unified brand strategy, every employee is working hard for the brand, and feel proud, and the beneficiaries of a unified brand strategy is our customers, our customers provide globally consistent standards for product quality, sales and after-sales service brand.


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