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  • Shopping is the comprehensive business establishments, including department stores (shops), Commercial Street, Commercial Market (shops), shop (Ha), shopping malls and underground shopping malls.Most of these places and set in the bustling downtown center, business scope, variety of goods and people food, clothing, shelter, closely related to various aspects, is to connect industry and agriculture, urban and rural areas, production and consumption of the bridge and link .Event of fire, not only cause significant economic losses and serious casualties, and some will have a negative impact on the political.

    Schematic diagram of the use of windows and doors products shopping
    The use of products
    Swing steel fire door steel door stainless steel fire door into the moving door security door fire Vertical steel rolling fire shutter fire shutter supine lateral steel fire shutter speed steel security shutter shutter shutter Receiving shutter aluminum grille Other wood fire doors fire window blinds skylight window exhaust smoke screen organic sealing glass partition fire